Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spread Pussy Pics and Movies on This Site

Spread Pussy Pics and Movies on This Site

From the group that brought you PList, the internet now has a powerful site dedicated solely to spread pussy material. The site boasts high quality pics, videos, and other material on barely legal, lesbian, and other hot combinations of spread pussy action. This site is one in the niche sites that the creators of PList hopes to bring more quality content to the visitors of it's sites. If you are a fan of spread pussy and all the fun that comes with it, don't miss the contents of this terrific site.

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Site Captures the Best Female Ejaculation

This sister site of PList is a dedicated source of the best female ejaculation material on the internet. Girls, girls, girls is what this site is about. The creators have found the highest quality footage. The material is great, the variety is great and they update it with fresh new female ejaculation content each day. It appears that these guys have big plans for this niche site and they are catering to the demands of the site's visitors. They know how to find the best female ejaculation material and make it available for free. Definitely add this one to your favorite list.

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FreePList Leads the Way in Adult Sample Galleries

The guys over at freeplist have recently updated their site which includes the web's best assortment of adult sample galleries . The site is now organized by niche, and is easily searchable. Users simply click on the tab of the area they want to explore. The guys have added a ton more variety in the site's adult sample galleries, all the links are refereshed daily with new content, and they have made it the easiest site to navigate. These guys have built the most impressive compilation of adult sample galleries on the web. Definitely check them out.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

New Adult Sample Galleries Design Makes this Site Unbelievable

New Adult Sample Galleries Design Makes this Site Unbelievable

I continue to talk about this site over and over again. It seems that over the past 4 or 5 months, these guys have done a good job of accumulating the most comprehensive list of adult sample galleries on the web. There are a good amount of sites out there that attempt to do the same thing FreePList does, however, the difference falls within the design of the site. The competition of FreePList is all simple coding, very busy and uncomfortable design, antiquated layout; overall the sites have a look and feel of being "cheap" and thrown together. With FreePList's adult sample galleries, and the way the page allows one to scroll through the different niches, select previews, etc., this site is really leading the way in which people can view adult content.
I continue to keep my eye on the industry, and if these guys continue to do what they are doing, they will surely continue to operate the leading adult sample galleries site on the web for a long time to come.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Adult Sample Galleries Galore

Adult Sample Galleries Galore

The guys over at freeplist continue to make the world of adult sample galleries bigger and better with each passing day. They post the best content out on the web and continually update it each day with fresher, sweeter, and mind-blowing stuff. This site is the king of adult sample galleries. Also be sure to check out their sister sites with more niche content at www.teensquirtgirls.com and www.hornyfootjobs.com .

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New Commercial Launch for Express Homebuyers

Express Homebuyers, the Washington DC area's leading homebuying company has launched a new marketing campaign to show the true side of the company. The company's message is all about caring, and truly helping homeowners with whatever situation they may be facing. This message is delivered in three new commercial shoots starring the company's CEO, and founder, Brad Chandler.
Express Homebuyers is committed to be being the area's #1 solution for homeowners of all kinds thorugh it's caring and professional staff. With it's new television campaign, the company hopes to attract other customers it hasn't reached. Check it out on their website: www.expresshomebuyers.com

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Only Gets Better with Time

In all that changes in the porn industry, it is difficult to stay on top of any good sites - most of them come and go because the owners and operators do not invest the time and resources to keep the sites updated and fresh. The guys at freeplist.com continue to improve and build on the platform they have. They are the leader in xxx sample galleries on their site. Between the main freeplist site and their sister sites, these guys are leading the pack in providing the best adult sample galleries on the web.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another cool sister site of PList

For all you guys out there that enjoy seeing female ejaculation, this is the site for you. The gang over at www.freeplist.com has created some niche sister sites. The best one I have seen for some nice looking teen girls squirting. Teen squirt girls are all over this site - definitely good one to add to the favorites list!

Great Piece in USA Today on RE Market

As an investor in the real estate business, I have seen my fair share of deals that have gone bad. It is incredible to see how damaging bad real estate investments can be. USA Today had a great story on a kid recently who is the epitame of what investors should not do.

Wowed Again

I just stumbled across a new sister site of www.freeplist.com - this site specializes in horny footjobs - I know I can't get enough of them. If you are into cum barefoot, cute feet sex, or hell, any kind of foot sex, this is the site you should definitely check out. The guys at plist are doing it right these days with their sister sites!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh Yeah!!

Freeplist continues to amaze! The leader in free porn, free porn links, free porn movies, and free porn pictures has added some cool rankings to it's site. In addition, it has added a way for you to preview the cool links it has without leaving the page. I have read that they are soon to release porn reviews!!

Great real estate coverage

As a real estate investor, I try to stay on top of the latest news, etc. when it comes to real estate.
I found a great article that talks about the dangers of the new real estate investor on www.realestatejournal.com . Definitely an interesting perspective on how the market has changed for so many people - it has certainly affected my business.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lotsa Links

I just saw that www.freeplist.com added some cool new features to their site. In addition to all their high quality free porn links, the site boasts some cool functionality that allows you to see the scenes in an additional window without leaving the page. In addition to the free adult movies and free adult pics, the site also added a key so you know what links go to which type of media. I have yet to see something this cool and useful out there - awesome site!

The Good Old Lottery Winners

Did everyone hear about the couple in Des Moines that won the $200 Million on the lottery. These lottery winners are going to bring home just north of $67 million lump sum payout after taxes. I really get a kick out of stories like this - it really tugs at the heart string, the jealousy chord, and makes you realize "only in America". Hope they spend it well.